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Urban Miditarod Rules


1. You must have fun.

2. No cheating.

3. Respect and socialize with everyone.  


1. You and your teammates must be officially registered (signed waiver and paid in full) with GRSSC prior to the start of the race.  

2. You must stay with your teammates and your cart for the entire duration of the race (except when you park it for your checkpoints). 

3. You must 


1. We are solidifying with a sponsor that will supply carts for you (fingers crossed).  You will pick up from their location and take it home and decorate with your team to fit your theme.  It's your responsibility to get the cart to the race, but the sponsor will take the cart off your hands just after ending the race.  You'll need to clean it back up to new-like before turning it in.

2. You could always bring a cart from home or make one yourself.  Just remember no power motors and it must be able to traverse narrow sidewalks of downtown GR.

3.  Do not steal a cart from an establishment.  BUT...If you happen to find a cart out of place (i.e. abandoned at a bus stop), and as you do your good civil duty of returning it to it's rightful owner that you happen to run a 5k race on the way....well, we highly doubt anyone could be upset about that.  


1. Streets will not be shut down for this race.  It's not so much a 'race' but rather more of a 'scavenger hunt' or a 'brisk walk', so you are expected to follow and abide by the Grand Rapids pedestrian traffic laws.  You know, 

2.  Be kind to everyone.  You will lose a ton of brownie points plus face disqualification if you harass, push, ram, and/or interrupt any innocent bystanders, racers, and/or other vehicles.  Be safe and share the sidewalks with others.  You know, all that stuff you've learned on a pre-school playground.


1. You must safely and securely park your cart in a location near the checkpoint, ensuring it's not in the way of other pedestrian traffic. 

2.  Checking in - Your whole team must be present before checking in with staff located at a table close to the bar's entrance.  They will log your time in and give you the exact time your team may check out.  The staff will manage the official time via a visible clock/timer on their table. 

3.  Checking out - Your whole team must be present before officially checking out.  Upon checkout, staff will give you a token of some kind that will represent that you've officially completed that checkpoint.  It is your responsibility not to loose the token as it is the only proof that your team has completed this checkpoint.  Be ready to hand in your earned tokens at the finish line as verification.  


This event directly benefits these awesome local charities.  From the beer you buy to the bar games you play to the race you run.  These Charities are winning because of you.  Thank you for your support!

1. Degage Ministries

2. GROW - Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women

3. TBD

4. TBD

5. TBD


All winning teams get a gift card to each of the partnered bars in the race along with a trophy, banner, some swag, and some serious bragging rights.  We will highlight the 1st Place, Best Themed (best costume and cart), and Dead Effin' Last.

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